Oberon Aviation – Your experienced partner in powerline patrol services.

Oberon Aviation is a mature service provider to electrical network managers, which first started conducting powerline patrols in 1992 in the harsh, mountainous, alpine terrain of the Monaro/Snowy Mountains region of south eastern NSW.

Oberon Aviation now has over twenty-five years experience, and has completed over one million kilometers of powerline patrols, in mountainous regions, populated coastal areas, and in the remote far outback reaches of western NSW.

Oberon Aviation specialise in the following services;

  • Low Level Aerial Patrols of Distribution and Transmission Networks
  • Ground Patrol of No-Fly Areas
  • Integrated GIS Solutions
  • Geo-referenced high-resolution digital imagery
  • Geo-referenced digital video

An aerial patrol of a powerline network is an integral part of managing any electrical network. As a quick conditional assessment of the network the aerial patrol provides a comprehensive top down view of the assets, which exposes components which cannot be quickly assessed from the ground or quickly with drones.

Oberon Aviation have worked tirelessly to develop a GIS cell, which prepares the electrical data into comprehensive fly data, assessing the risks and hazards associated with each sortie. The GIS cell can also ensure that reports are tailored to suite the requirement of network operators.All Oberon Aviation Services aircraft have been structurally modified to carry LiDAR equipment and simultaneously camera equipment.

Our survey fleet includes;

  • Cessna O1G
  • Cessna 206
  • Three Cessna R172K
  • Cessna 182RG

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