Oberon Aviation is based in Albury NSW, Australia established in 1992 providing Aerial Survey, Air Charter, International Emergency Medical Evacuation Services, and Flying Training for professional licences / ratings.

Oberon Aviation is a family operated general aviation company that has been operating for over thirty years, primarily in the aerial survey, flight training and aircraft charter.

Our Aerial Survey division utilises six specialised aircraft, modified for LiDAR and photography operations including low-level data capture projects.thirtty

We provide a complete turnkey service for visual powerline inspection projects, using high resolution geo-referenced digital imagery.

Our subsidiary maintenance company, Oberon Aviation Maintenance, provides excellent maintenance support for our current aircraft fleet of seven aircraft, anywhere, anytime, throughout Australia.

Project Highlights

1992 – Present Aerial Pre-Season Bushfire Inspection of Electricity Assets in NSW
2017 – Present Aerial LiDAR and pole top imagery capture of Electricity Assets in NSW & Victoria
2015 – 2020 IAI 1127A Westwind II – Airwork (Medi-vac) & Charter
2001 – 2018 Gas Pipeline Patrol – Australia Wide for various companies
2002 – 2006 Aerial Fire Surveillance for Forest NSW
2002 – 2004 High Capacity RPT Charter and Freight (FK27 & Bae748)
1998 – 2000 CSIRO Atmospheric Research (FK27)

Air Operators Certificate

  • CASA Air Operator’s Certificate. CASA.TAAOC.0390 Rev 16
  • Low Level Flying Approval. CASA.LOFLY.0319 Rev 1
  • Approval to conduct Training and Testing for company low level operations. CASA.14135AP.0091
  • CASA Approved CAR217 (Training & Checking) Organisation. CASA.TCO.0095 Rev 1
  • ISO9001.2015 Quality Management System, Certificate No: QEC14890
  • Safety Management System
  • Member of the Flight Safety Foundation BARS program.

Meet The Team

Phil Hines
Phil has been involved in aviation for over thirty years with experience in many aircraft types and holds licenses for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, with agricultural ratings, and approvals for low level operations in both. Phil also has significant experience as Managing Director, and Dealer Principal of multiple companies, looking after sixty to seventy employees.
Akhil Sigtia
Head of Flying Operation, Head of Training & Checking
Akhil has been involved in aviation for over twenty years’ aviation experience in many aircraft types including heavy aircraft, specialised survey aircraft, and low-level operations around the world. Akhil has expertise as an advanced flight instructor which comes in handy as the Head of Training & Checking
Jon Van Ree
Manager – Survey, Safety & Compliance Operations
Jon is an experienced manager with over twenty years’ experience in aviation surveillance and survey projects. Specialising in project management, logistical, quality/safety/risk management systems and operations management. Jon’s areas of expertise include Surveying, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Safety/Risk Management. Jon has twenty years’ experience in aerial survey / surveillance of electrical and gas assets throughout Australia.
Corey Hawkins
Head of Operations / Training & Checking Pilot
Corey is an experienced pilot with seven years’ experience in flight training. Corey is a senior pilot with training and checking approval and is responsible for assisting and controlling of flying standards of all company pilots.
Matt Griffiths
Chief Remote Pilot
Matt is an experienced remote pilot with many hours of drone operations from asset inspection to scenic movies. He is experienced in asset inspection and aerial imagery throughout southern NSW.
Paul Borella
Aircraft Engineering Manager (Chief Engineer)
Paul is an experienced aircraft engineer with over ten years’ experience with Oberon Aviation Services Pty Ltd maintaining aircraft for powerline operations.
Jane Harris
GIS Analysist
Jane has been part of the Aerial Survey team for over ten years providing flight data and support to the flying crew, auditing field data and analysis for report preparation.
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