Drone Operations

Drones can provide access to dificult to reach locations for asset inpections or that unique cinematic view

When it comes to conducting asset inspections, especially when working at heights and in difficult areas for traditional aerial patrols, the use of a drone provides a safer alternative to employees working at heights in a high-risk situation.  

Our high-resolution aerial photography and video allows for assets to be examined from the safety of the ground, and is useful in examining powerlines, communication towers, solar farms, dams, rivers/creeks, wind farms, commercial roofing, industrial lighting, and much more. 

Regular drone inspections can also provide a time lapse perspective of any construction project, allowing for regular visual updates more often for your project team who may not be able to get into the field.  

High resolution imagery and video has been found to be highly effective in the management of large-scale projects from industrial construction, agricultural projects, mining, flood management and civil construction.

Oberon Aviation has an approved CASA Remote Operators Certificate which allows our remote pilots to operate under the business to trade commercially as a drone service provider.  

Our ReOC is overseen by our Chief Remote Pilot who oversees the functions and duties of the company’s operations.   All projects are subject to a risk assessment and flight planning conducted by the Chief Remote Pilot.

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