Our aircraft maintenance facility is conveniently located south of taxiway Charlie at Albury airport with easy access for incoming aircraft. With our team having over thirty years combined maintenance experience, dedicated to providing our customers excellent quality workmanship and service for Class A and B aircraft.

Oberon Aviation Maintenance can provide:

  • Aircraft structural inspection and repairs.
  • Providing STC/EO upgrades and structural modifications
  • SIDs and Specialist inspections
  • Piston engine maintenance including turbo/supercharged engines and radial engines
  • Garret turbo prop engines
  • Pressurisation
  • Aircraft rebuilding

Oberon Aviation Maintenance employs LAME’s that are dedicated long term employees, maintaining high safety and compliance standards on all aircraft types that we repair and maintain.

Oberon Aviation Maintenance, CASA Certificate of Approval; CASA.COA.0638 Revision 4

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