Instrument Rating

You can further your aviation career by completing an Instrument Rating, allowing you to fly safely from A to B, in almost any weather conditions.
Course Pre-Requisites

Before completing an Instrument Rating the following must be obtained;

  • Pass in the CASA Instrument Rating Exam (IREX)

The Multi-engine Command Instrument Rating involves a minimum of 40 hours training, half of which can be completed in an approved simulator.

You will receive training on all aspects of flying under the Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), including;

  • Flight planning considerations such as weather requirements, aircraft equipment requirements and flight plan route considerations.
  • Conducting Standard Instruments Departures (SID’s), Standard Instrument Arrivals (STAR’s), and flying Precision (3D) and Non-precision (2D) Approaches under normal and abnormal / emergency conditions.

Full time students will take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete their Instrument Rating, however it can be done on a more casual basis if required.

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