Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) Theory Course

A good quality commercial pilot licence theory course is essential for having the knowledge to make you the best pilot you can be.  

Oberon Aviation will be conducting a nine-week Commercial Pilot Licence Theory Course at our facilities in Albury, NSW, starting on the 15th of January 2023.  

The CPLA Theory course will be conducted by our highly experienced instructors Stirling Preston and Grahame Carroll.

Stirling has been involved in aviation for forty-eight years with experience in many aircraft types including airline heavy aircraft,
specialised research and development aircraft, and low-level operations.

Stirling has significant expertise as an advanced flight instructor, including CASA flight test examiner for all licences and ratings.

Grahame is an accomplished senior grade 1 flight Instructor who is retired from the Australian Air Force with extensive airlift and training experience in Australia and overseas.  



The course is run full time from 0830 – 1700 with time all0wed at the end of each subject to complete exams. 

  • 15th Jan – 19th Jan – Aerodynamics
  • 23rd Jan – 27th Jan – Aircraft General Knowledge
  • 31st Jan – 3rd Feb – Meteorology
  • 7th Feb – 13th Feb – Navigation
  • 14th Feb – 16th Feb – Flight Rules & Air Law
  • 21st Feb – 24th Feb – Human Factors
  • 28th Feb – 10th Mar – Operation, Performance & Flight Planning
For more course infromation please contact the team at Oberon Aviation 

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