The first step to becoming a Pilot is to complete your Recreational Pilot Licence.
When you have successfully completed your RPL, you will be able to fly as the pilot in command of light, single engine aircraft without supervision and with one passenger in the training areas around Albury Wodonga.
Course Pre-Requisites

Before you can hold an RPL, the following must be achieved:

  • Apply for a CASA ARN (Aviation Reference Number)
  • Pass a Class 2 Medical. If enrolled in the full time Commercial Pilots License (CPL) course, a Class 1 medical is recommended.
  • Pass the CASA Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK) Theory exam.

During the Course, You Will Learn.

  • How to handle the aircraft on the ground
  • How to manoeuvre the aircraft in the air
  • How to take off and land the aircraft
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Basic Instrument attitude Flying
Flying Solo

The highlight of the course is your first solo flight, which will be an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

Lessons generally consist of a 45-minute briefing covering information for the planned flight, followed by a dual instruction flight of approximately 1 hour in the aircraft. Post flight, our instructor will debrief the lesson, and discuss achievement levels.

You can begin study at any age, however you must;

  • be at least 15 years of age to fly solo
  • be at least 16 years of age before CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) will issue you a license
  • pass an English language proficiency test
How Long Will It Take ?

This depends on whether you are available to study full-time, part time or casually. For our full-time trainees, it will take approximately six weeks to complete the RPL course. Within the first three weeks, you will have completed your first solo flight, after which it will take a further 3 weeks to finish the course. For those trainees that are more naturally gifted, the course could be completed in a month of less. If you wish to study on a casual basis, the amount of time varies based on how often you wish to fly. Courses can be tailored to meet almost any requirements.

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